About Trademark Builders USA

Welcome to Trademark Builders USA where creativity and expertise seamlessly intertwine. Our owner, Vitaliy, is the visionary who transforms your dreams into reality. His journey as an entrepreneur began in 1996 when he established a framing company in Washington state.

Vitaliy’s unwavering commitment to quality resonates through his work. After moving to Florida from the Pacific Northwest, he framed over 300 homes and contributed to various other projects. While in Florida, he also founded his own successful company and secured a General Contractor license. He rapidly gained a reputation for meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional quality as he produced 3-4 homes per month.

Following a chapter as a manufacturing engineer in Winston-Salem, NC, Vitaliy returned to his roots of creating extraordinary decks and outdoor spaces. He strives to design and construct remarkable decks with the highest level of quality.

Each project completed by Trademark Builders USA encapsulates Vitaliy’s profound dedication to design, construction, and the transformation of aspirations into tangible reality.